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SPEEDTITANIUM 6-speed Professional Hair Dryer

Sale price$154.95


Formulated by Pros

Made in USA

RUSK - SPEEDTITANIUM 6-speed Professional Hair Dryer
SPEEDTITANIUM 6-speed Professional Hair Dryer Sale price$154.95






Get sleek and speedy results with RUSK SpeedTitanium dryer, designed with titanium-infused ceramic technology for fast drying and frizz reduction

Efficiency and performance are key when it comes to hair styling, and the RUSK SpeedTitanium dryer delivers both. Designed with titanium-infused ceramic technology, this dryer provides fast drying times and reduces frizz, leaving hair looking sleek and smooth. With its powerful motor and multiple heat and speed settings, the RUSK SpeedTitanium dryer is perfect for those looking to achieve salon-quality styling at home. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle, and the concentrator nozzle allows for precise styling.

Key Benefits

  • Titanium-infused grills
  • Ionic generator eliminates frizz and makes hair more manageable
  • Powerful AC motor
  • 2000 Watts
  • 6-speed heat settings and cold shot button
  • Diffuser + Concentrator nozzle for unique styles
  • Lightweight
  • For all hair types
  • 9 Foot power cord
  • 2 Year warranty

How To Use

  • Wash your hair with your favorite RUSK shampoo and conditioner. Rinse Throughly.
  • Towel dry hair to blot excess moisture. Add your favorite RUSK hair protectant. Section hair.
  • Plug the dryer in and choose your heat setting. (For thinner hair, use a lower setting if possible.)
  • Use the dryer with your styling brush and move through each section of the hair.
  • Be sure to direct airflow at the hair, not the scalp.
  • After use, press the start button to switch it off and unplug the dryer.
  • Allow to cool down fully before storing away.
  • Pro Tip: For added control and heat protection while styling, attach the nozzle.

Functionality, Style and Superior Performance

The RUSK SpeedTitanium Dryer is a powerful and lightweight hair dryer that utilizes titanium-infused ceramic technology to provide quick and efficient drying, while also reducing frizz and adding shine to the hair


6-Drying Options and a Cold Shot Button

Customizable settings allow for precise control during styling, reducing the risk of hair damage and promoting a smoother finish. There cool shot button helps to set your style and provide a long-lasting hold.


Titanium Infused Ceramic

creates a surface that is durable, efficient at generating heat, and emits negative ions to reduce frizz and add shine to the hair. The result is a faster drying time and less damage to the hair.


Concentrated Nozzle for Controlled Heat

By focusing the airflow in a specific area, it makes it easier to achieve your desired look while using less heat overall, which can help reduce the risk of heat damage to your hair. Additionally, the nozzle provides precision airflow, allowing you to style your hair more quickly and with greater control.