Deepshine Permanent Color 5.56MR Mahogany Red


RUSK® Deepshine® Permanent Conditioning Cream Color utilizes the most advanced hair color technology from Italy. Micro Pure Pigment Technology ensures hair color molecules penetrate deeply, producing longer-lasting results. Advanced Marine Therapy evens out porosity and seals the cuticle to improve the overall strength and integrity of the hair. This permanent hair color provides incredible color clarity, yielding consistently silky, shiny results.

Key Benefits:

  • Propriety Blend of Marine Extracts DELIVER nourishing benefits to seal, strengthen and protect hair throughout the coloring process
  • Saturates each strand with rich, vibrant color
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Delivers incredible shine
  • Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy
  • Provides 100% gray coverage
  • Economical to use; standard mixing ratio 1:1 1/2

Usage Tips:

  • Mix with Deepshine Shine Enhancing Cream Developers for optimum color results.
  • Choose the appropriate developer depending on whether you need to lift or deposit color.
  • Mixing ratio for a standard Deepshine color formulation is 1-part color to 1½ parts developer.

Always perform a strand test. Do not process with heat.

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