10-Minutes to Beautiful Permanent Color

RUSKin10 is a game changer!


Do you want to make more money behind the chair in less time? Do you have those last-minute clients texting you that they need their roots touched up? RUSKin10 has you covered! More clients, less time. That’s one end goal we can all agree on! 

Get your clients in and out with our revolutionary RUSKin10 permanent hair color! We all know that covering gray is not as fun as creating a bold money piece but it’s steady money. Most clients need a root touch-up service every four weeks and with our 10-minute color you can make some serious revenue. Think of it like this: 10-minute service + steady monthly revenue = steady income. 

RUSKin10 is a permanent hair color delivering premium results in 10 minutes. The more accessible and cost-effective hair color to maximize time behind the chair. 22+ intermixable shades, 100% gray coverage with Micro Pigment Technology for deeper color deposit and longer-lasting color. 

I know you’re wondering, how is a 10-minute color going to cover my clients’ grays 100%? 

The delivery system of the Ruskin10 with ammonium thioglycolate and Terra Marine Complex is how the Ruskin10 works in 10 short minutes. 

RUSKin10 permanent hair color is formulated using Terra Marine Complex and Advanced Micro Pigment Technology to allow superior color results, shine, and condition in 10 minutes. Are you wondering what all of this means? Let us break it down for you: 

What is Terra Marine Complex? 

A unique blend of botanical and marine sourced oils consisting of Arginine, serine, synthetic wheat proteins, threonine, and soy proteins. 

What is Micro Pigment Technology? 

Color pigments that are in the purest form of pigment possible. This is done by removing the impurities around the dye molecules so that we are getting the purest form of the color pigment. 

How does it work? 

The color pigments are so small that they penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair with minimal lift. Delivering rich, vibrant, and predictable hair color every time. Due to minimal lift, we are ensuring that the cuticle layers open just enough for the color to lift and deposit causing minimal damage to the hair shaft. 

The best part is that it’s not a progressive color. That means that if it stays on longer than 10 minutes it will not get darker. 

RUSKin10 can also be used as a lowlight! Because it’s non-progressive, it’s the perfect color to use as your lowlight while simultaneously highlighting-worry-free that it will go too dark or ashy if it’s left on for longer than 10 minutes.

What tones are represented in RUSKin10? 

RUSKin10 are all pure tone shades.  

NN- Natural- Natural (Two pigments each of Yellow, Red & Blue) 

N – Natural (Yellow, Red, & Blue) 

A – Ash (Blue/Violet) 

S – Sand (Violet/Yellow) 

G – Gold (Yellow) 

CG - Copper/Gold (Orange/Yellow) 

C- Copper (Orange) 

M- Mahogany (Red/Violet) 

R- Red (Red) 

Boost Clear- (Clear color that contains no pigment) 

High Lift Ash- (Violet/Blue) 

PRO TIP: If your client has serious stubborn grays or white hair, use an anchor (think: toothpaste ribbon) of a darker shade into your formula! - Rusk Educator Jess Bartolomeo 

Our full lineup: 10S, 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 5A, 5M, 5NN, 6C, 6CG, 6G, 6N, 6R, 6S, 7A, 7N, 7NN, 8A, 8G, 8N, 8S 

Maximize time behind the chair, increase client retention and accommodate clients that need an express color service without compromising results!  Learn more on RUSKProfessional.com.