Girls Trip and Hairdryers....

Congratulations, you made it. It's finally girls' weekend. You work all year. 365 painstaking days (there are actually only 260 work days in a year but for theatrical appeal, we will stick with 365) of crummy bosses, and torturous LED lighting. This is your redemption. These are the photos you get to look back on and think "omg 2022 was totally my year." Goodbye crying in office bathrooms, hello beachside refreshments. 

You have been planning this, the infamous girls' trip, for years. It finally made it out of the group chat, amen. Everything’s prepared. Eyebrows? Done. Outfits? Bought. Makeup? Fleek. Credit card? Overcharged. You're lugging about 13 different outfits in that suitcase of yours until you finally get the sweet release that is the opening of your hotel room’s door. The cold air conditioning, the crisp white sheets, the feeling of hotel room carpeting under your socks, (if you go barefoot in hotel rooms you need to get some help). Then you mosey on into your bathroom, where the majority of the getting ready will be done. You can already smell the scent of hair singing in curling irons, and see your best friend passing her mascara to you. You check out the amenities, start sniffing lotion, feeling the towels, and looking at the ceiling rainfall shower( I am salivating just writing this). But alas, your dream, must end quickly. Bolted into the side of the wall peering into the depths of your soul, is your enemy.

The accumulation of all your mistakes and bad decisions up to this point is staring right at you. You forgot a hair dryer. Lucky for you latched onto a battery charger, is a crummy hotel, air dryer. Alas, your reality sets in, and you see your humidity frizz setting in during sunset drinks on the beach. You see your time getting ready increasing, and your time at the club and dinner tragically decreasing. It's about 2 o'clock now, you can start your shower, cry on the floor about the mistake you made, and by the time you finish drying your hair with the museum piece your hotel stole from the Neolithic era exhibition, even the most bumping clubs in Ibiza would be closed, and everyone would have already finished their walk of shame.

Let me tell you what you need. You need a pro hair dryer. Not a piece of machinery that has the equivalent airspeed of 4-year-old blowing bubbles. You need speed, heat, and reliability. You need RUSK. You want sleek and efficient? Try Speed Titanium. You never hit arms? We've got the w8less. Four dryer styles for you to choose from all designed to get you the hair you want when you need it.

Whoever said beauty takes time never used RUSK products. We want what's best for you, and we happen to be that very same thing. What's that saying... only the best for the best?